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Love Explosion

Experience and Share the extravagant love of jesus

What is Love Explosion?

Love explosion is simply a tool to experience and pass along the Father's love. Our Love Explosion events are designed to give everyone the opportunity to reveal the goodness and love of God through simple actions that meet the needs of those in our community. These are no strings attached gestures of love and kindness, something that is extremely rare in the world today. Jesus paid attention to those around Him and was able to perceive their needs, He touched broken people in the place where they were broken. It’s our hope that through these Love Explosion events, the love of the Father will be shared with people creating an open door to the message of Jesus.

How Can I get Involved?

There are four simple ways to engage in Love Explosion:
> Participate in the Love Explosion Kindness Calendar
> Grab a note from the Love Well Wall in the Narthex at UppeR Room
> Do the Hershey Kiss Love Challenge Starting February 11th, 2018
> Serve at the Love Explosion Outreach on Saturday, February 17th, 2018
Essentially, just love someone in some special way. Then, share your story!


Turkey Dinner Love Explosion

OUr goal is for everyone to have a chance to sit at the table with their loved ones and thank god for his goodness. 
This simple act of kindness Meets a practical need and facilitates God's goodness, grace and love.
Simply grab an ikea bag with the list of items to purchase. Bring the bag and the fixins back to Upper Room the Saturday prior to thanksgiving. We will pray for the bags and each other, then deliver the bags in nearby communities.

Share Your Love Story

Join the Love Explosion community and share your story about what happened.

Josh Haas
Feb 15, 2017

I was grocery shopping the other day and when I went to leave, I saw a man I knew trying to sell a knickknack to get money for bus fare. We greeted each other warmly and I gave him some money. He bu
Josh Haas
Feb 3, 2017

Thursday's Kindness Calendar suggestion was to do something kind for our mail carrier. We put a Hershey bar in the mail box and attached a thank you note. What fun!
Micah Level
Feb 4, 2017

Yesterday a lady dramatically encountered Jesus at Aldi. While shopping, I walked by her and felt she had lower back and hip pain from a car accident that happened 3 years ago. It was all true! I pray
Feb 1, 2017

Other churches are joining the fun. Phillips Temple Dayton, and Champion Vineyard Springfield, are going to be loving people this month in their area. .
Micah Level
Feb 4, 2017

Feroz' back was dramatically healed today and he responded to the gospel of Jesus! Pray for his faith! He is such a treasure! #lovepursuit #thegospel #urloveexplosion #URLoveChallenge
Jan 31, 2017

We are so excited to hear your story. We pray you experience the extravagant love of Jesus, share your story and pass that same love onto others. Share your experience on social media by tagging Upper
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