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LOving Our Kids on Purpose

Join The Reformation That Is Transforming A Generation!

Class Overview

A little bit about the program

The family is the vehicle for generational revival. Loving Our Kids On Purpose, developed by Bethel Church’s (Redding, CA) Danny Silk, brings a fresh perspective on the age-old role of parenting. It incorporates the principles of the Kingdom of God and revival into your strategy as parents. Josh Haas is a certified Loving On Purpose trainer and brings his personal experience in applying Danny's principles.

Loving Our Kids on Purpose will give you tools to:

  • Protect your connection with your children

  • Teach your children to manage increasing levels of freedom

  • Replace the tools of intimidation and control

  • Create a safe place for kids to build confidence and responsibility

This 4-week interactive ministry introduces a method of parenting that reveals the Father’s heart and will help show you how to best represent Him to your children. You will receive help to maintain a heart-to-heart connection with your child; empower your child to make choices that teach; and learn to communicate in a way that will provide a safe place for your child to make mistakes; and provide unconditional love.

The course addresses age specific issues with wisdom to help your toddler all the way through your adult child.  Josh encourages interaction in the class and takes time to help parents come up with specific answers to help them parent and love their children well.  This ministry will not only affect the way you interact with your children, it will help add value to every relationship in your life.

Additional information

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 Childcare is available with advanced registration.

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