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Upper Room commits 10% of our income to various local, national, and international Christ-centered organizations. We believe God’s Kingdom expands beyond our ministries and outside the walls of URWC.

Ministries we support

Local Missions

Upper Room Worship Center | Tipp City, Ohio

Love Explosion

We realize that not every person is able to go on our international mission trips, but we believe that everyone IS able to reach those around them locally. Our Love Explosion events are designed to give everyone the opportunity to reveal the goodness and love of God through simple actions that meet the needs of those in our community. These are no strings attached gestures of love and kindness, something that is extremely rare in the world today. Jesus paid attention to those around Him and was able to perceive their needs, He touched broken people in the place where they were broken. It’s our hope that through these Love Explosion events, the love of the Father will be shared with people creating an open door to the message of Jesus.

Some Love Explosion Activities:


  • Paying for laundry at the laundromat

  • Taking cookies to the Police & Fire Depts.

  • Making goodies baskets for schools

  • Paying for drinks at a gas station

  • Handing out flowers to people on the street

  • Inviting people for a free lunch at the church

Upper Room Worship Center | Tipp City, Ohio

Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunts incorporates the use of words of knowledge (clues) that you write on your Treasure Map to find Treasures (people) who need a supernatural encounter with God through an encouraging prophetic word or healing. This is not about preaching or arguing with people, but rather giving them a practical demonstration of the goodness of God. Treasure hunts are a great tool for those who have felt intimidated by witnessing to family members, friends, co-workers, and those in the community. Through this fun and easy method you become empowered with confidence and competence to bring supernatural encounters to people around you. Through treasure hunts you can become a world changer, transforming your community one encounter at a time!

"and then he told them, 'Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.'"

Mark 16:15

International Missions

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