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Healthy Helping

Helping without enabling

Healthy Helping

We all want to make a difference in the lives of others but sometimes it is hard to know if we are really helping or just enabling an unhealthy pattern.  This four week class addresses the issue of how to really help others and keep ourselves healthy at the same time.  It draws information from Danny Silk's "People Helping People" class, Ruby Payne's "Bridges out of Poverty" and several other great resources as well as personal experience.

The class is taught by Josh Haas. Josh has decades of experience working to help people as both a counselor and a pastor.  He has made plenty of mistakes so you don have to!

Come ready to interact and with questions! This class is offered once a year and is perfect for ministry leaders, youth workers, counselors, parents, and anyone with a heart to help others. Childcare is NOT provided so please make arrangements.

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