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Learn more about Your Faith and  Upper Room


Foundations is a brief and basic introduction to the Christian faith and the doctrine of Upper Room Worship Center.  This brief overview includes a broad understanding of Upper Room's teachings on: The Nature of God, The Nature of Human Beings, the Bible, Spiritual Gifts and several other important topics of who we are.


This one session class is taught alternating between Josh Haas and Steve Justice during the 9am service three times a year.  Childcare is provided for children Kindergarten and under.  


This class is essential for anyone new to the Faith or wanting to be in leadership at Upper Room Worship Center.  


The Connections class is a quick introduction to the history, leadership, and structure of Upper Room Worship Center.  It is an opportunity to understand our core values, meet our pastors, and understand where we have come from. 


This class is a must for anyone new to Upper Room Worship Center and expected for anyone who plans to be in leadership at URWC.  


This class is offered once a quarter after the end of the 11am service.  Lunch and childcare are provided.  Watch the announcements to find out when the next Connections class will be scheduled.

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