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Creative Arts

We have two main creative arts ministries at Upper Room. Mashach, the prophetic painting ministry and Ignite, the dance ministry.

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Upper Room Worship Center | Tipp City, Ohio


Mashach (maw-shakh), the Hebrew verb for “to anoint” is defined as “to smear with oil or paint.”Mashach is a unique ministry comprised of several talented and anointed artists who’s entire goal is to receive the spirit of worship and make it tangible to the human eye on canvas in a quick, prophetic download from Heaven. They work on an easel on stage during the worship segment of our Sunday services. When worship starts, they have a blank canvas and no plan of what they will paint. The artist receives the supernatural spirit of God in the atmosphere of worship and acts as a vessel, with God providing the inspiration for the painting. The result is a gallery of paintings representing the Holy Realm and showcasing God’s glory. We make all of the paintings available for purchase at a very affordable price, as we use the profits to support and continue this ministry and bless our artists.

Upper Room Worship Center | Tipp City, Ohio


Ignite is a dance based ministry where creative body movement is used to worship God. Our name, Ignite, is used as our goal to ignite the love for God in the hearts of others. In the Bible, dance is celebratory, as stated in Psalms 30:11: “You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; You have put off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness.” This is the foundation of our ministry that we build from. Ignite includes worship through choreographed dance and flag performances.

God created His finest masterpiece, man, to worship and praise Him. Just as the creatures of the earth and sea are vast and unique, so are the ways to worship the King. We understand that all kinds of genuine worship are received by our Father with joy and gladness! At Upper Room Worship Center, we strive to make our house a place that sparks and encourages everyone to worship in their own song, whether it be with their voice, flags, a dance or a paintbrush. We have embraced the creative arts as a permanent fixture on our worship team, side by side with the musicians and vocalists.

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EXpress Your Worship

We encourage the freedom in the expressions of worship. We have several other ways we incorporate arts into worship including drama, flags, sticks among others. We invite you to join us and even invite you to consider joining one of our creative arts ministries as God gifts you in those areas.

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Lisa Queen

Prophetic Arts

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Interested in purchasing any of our prophetic art pieces? Please go to the Up & Up Resource Center before or after a Sunday service, or contact Lisa Queen.

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