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From Premarital to continuing to grow in your relationship after marriage

I Still Do

The goal of marriage should be to grow as close to one another as possible.  Strong marriages require time and effort.  Because no marriage is perfect, even the best marriages can benefit from the support of others who are walking the journey as well.


I Still Do Marriage Nights are designed to provide couples with both relational wisdom and fun experiences to help marriages become all they can be.  Events are intended to be casual with snacks provided and opportunities to get to know other couples.


Pastors Aaron and Nicole Simmons along with Pastors Josh and Angie Haas bring decades of marriage experience providing practical tools along with personal testimonies to help build up couples in their ability to grow closer to one another and foster a life mission together.  Various other guest couples and relationship experts are also included in the evenings in order to provide even more perspective and resources.


Events are scheduled throughout the year at various weekend afternoons and conclude with a time of childcare at a small fee for couples to go out on dates together to process things they have just learned. 


Watch our Facebook page and announcements to sign up for the next I Still Do Marriage night.


Most couples start off marriages in "La la land".  This means they are so excited about getting married, they never stop to think about what the real purpose of their marriage is going to be.  Many couples spend years of their marriage trying to figure out why they got married in the first place!  The best time to think about the purpose of marriage is before you are married!

This course is based on the Loving on Purpose "Defining the Relationship" course by Danny Silk.  It is taught by certified Loving on Purpose trainer, Josh Haas.  It is required for any couple being married by Upper Room Worship Center.

Josh draws from his insights from his own marriage as well as years of experience helping couples understand the most important things to focus on when deciding to get married.

This course is completely appropriate for couples who are just dating and haven't even set a marriage date yet.  It is designed to get couples to ask the right questions before they have said "I do" and will help couples to really consider what they need to make their marriage last a lifetime.

This is a four week course and also includes a separate individual session to go over the Prepare/Enrich compatibility test.  The test costs $35.  The class is typically offered in the Spring but can be scheduled as needed by appointment.  Watch our announcements for the next class offered or contact Josh Haas.

“Strong marriages are at the core of thriving families and culture.”

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