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Get connected with a small group

Upper Room Worship Center | Tipp City, Ohio
Join a lifegroup

LifeGroups meet throughout the week with numerous times and locations.

(Email the group leaders for detailed locations)
Mixed Groups

Wednesday - 6:30pm 

Young Couples & Families

Tipp City
Contact: Heather Lamm


Wednesday - 6:30pm 

Intercession for the Nation

Upper Room
Contact: Lisa Scott

Thursday - 6:30pm


Couples/Intercessory Prayer

Contact: Amy Simmons


Ladies' Groups

Tuesday - 2pm
Stay At Home Moms

Tipp City (Various Locations)
Contact: Ashley Lackland-Denton


Saturday - 9am

Fitness & Identity

Upper Room
Contact: Destinee Javier

Monday - 10am

Women in Pursuit

Tipp City
Contact: Patty Simmons

Men's Groups

Tuesday - 11am
Band of Brothers

Upper Room
Contact: Greg Simmons


Friday (monthly) - 6:30pm

Various Locations
Contact: Robert Morando

Lead a lifegroup

Don't see a LifeGroup that interests you or fits your needs? Please email Kurt & Heather Lamm and inquire about launching your own LifeGroup!

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