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We invite you to join us in person at Upper Room this Sunday at 10am! Check out this video prior to coming. Or, if you don't feel safe coming to church in person, please join our Live Stream HERE. We pray you are healthy and full of Jesus' peace, hope, joy and freedom! 

Much Love,

Pastors Aaron & Nicole Simmons

SUNDAYS - 10am

Full Service (no Childcare in May)

Live Stream here

Midweek Connections:


Midweek Gatheirng with Aaron & Nicole

Club 180 Youth

Zoom In with Josh Haas

Upper Room Worship Center | Tipp City, Ohio
Upper Room Worship Center | Tipp City, Ohio
Upper Room Worship Center | Tipp City, Ohio


Baptism Sunday

9am Class: Bring Towel and Change of Clothes

May 31st @ 10am

First Tuesday Worship & Prayer

Heart of David Night

June 2nd @ 630pm

Our Mission

To reveal the goodness of God to everyone everywhere.

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what friends say about Upper Room



Global Missions Awareness


"I have found a family hosting the presence of God where the Supernatural is natural. It is a joy for me to be a part of this church and see them touching lives and transforming nations with love."


Scott Thompson

Jesus Culture

"Their #1 strength is family. God's creating a culture of feeding and stirring here. Upper Room is a safe place, refuge and lighthouse in the city. The light's shining and the people that need refuge can come here. They're raising a people up to create a sound from here. My expectation for this place is huge and I don't think the building is big enough for what God is going to do."




"Of prayer at the Upper Room…a prayer movement that's happening in this place. Foundations of prayer are being re-established in this house. It's a place that's making prayer normal and taking away the weirdness. People are going to this place…a place of strong family connection. There will be strong acceleration…"




Greater Chicago Church

""Upper Room has established Heavenly priorities, the things that are important. They remain unshakable and possess and internal confidence and
commitment to their values. They have decided that love is the most important thing and that it manifests in family, a family that is
unshakable in their love for God, each other and their community."




Dimensions Ministries


"About the Upper Room Crew ... to be with them is an inevitable high! What wonderful folks! Blessings to all in Tipp City!"


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